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March is Women Empowerment month and we are here to stand tall and do what we do- be a boss dame and look fab while we are doing it. Being a boss and running the show doesn't mean you have to cut time that goes into yourself, it simply means we have to be creative with time. We created HairClutch for so many reasons, but one of them was to be prepared for all the "get ready quick" occasions. If you have to go from work to a date or work to a gala, HairClutch is always there for you. You can literally style your hair extensions in your office and go from boss, to glam and be ready for the next event. There is no shame in being fabulous and being prepared at the same time. 

Here we have young entrepreneur, Alex @dizzycordova showing us how she gets ready easily in her office to head to a fundraiser. She is a dame on the go and has no time to fight the crazy streets of Manhattan to get home before her evening begins. " Thank God for my HairClutch", says Alex. 

hair extension storage

hair extension storage and styler

hair extension storage


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