• First Look At Summer's Hottest Hair Trends: Get The Looks NOW

    First Look At Summer's Hottest Hair Trends: Get The Looks NOW

    Summer 2018 is all about natural texture. Let your hair look like you just woke up with that perfect Beychella hair. Who are we kidding, its not really how we woke up, it takes a lil work to look like you perfectly woke up like this!  Here's a few tips to get my favorite look- 

    Get your favorite clip in hair extensions and braid them while hanging in your HairClutch. Leave them folded in the clutch over night. For your hair, wash and rough dry the root and mid-shaft 70% dry. Prep your hair with some beach spray. I love the Ouai beach spray best. Make two loose french braids and sleep on it. 

    In the a.m, take out the braids and shake out your hair. Use the Redken 'No Blow Dry' styling cream in your hair. This will make your hair piecey and calm fly aways. Clip in your hair extensions and spray some Oribe Dry texturizer. 


    natural beach waves with no heat

    (Image by Mr. Kate) 


    To get a very piecey look use Coconut Oil Gel through the ends. From here you can rock it down with a middle part or you can add fun braids to switch it up. 

    beach waves with no heat

    (Image from Pinterest) 

    For a night out with the girls, you can take it up a notch with the wet wave look. This is one of my favs.

    good- american-wet-hair-wave-hairstyle

    (Image by Rex/Shutterstock) 

    To get this style, follow the steps above and part your hair on the side. Use a clear gel - like pomade on your root and mid shaft and sliding down your ends. You can hang your clip ins in your HairClutch to apply product to the hair separately.

    style your hair extensions

    To get your HairClutch here and use promo code DAME10.  


    Dame Amalia 

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  • Review: Our Top 5 Hair Extension Brands

    Review: Our Top 5 Hair Extension Brands

    Dames, many women ask me all the time about which hair extensions company is best to trust. My personal favorite is to get custom hair pieces from my local hair shop for custom or Extensions Plus. However, not may people have the budget, know how to pick their colors or have time, so here's the down low on my thoughts of the popular hair extension companies out there: 

    Cashmere Hair Extensions: 5 Star 

    Pros: Amazing quality, long lasting ( I've had mine for 4 years and they still look as good as day 1) wash well, lots of hair comes with your purchase. 

    Cons: Cost is on the higher end. 

    Lux Beauty Club: 5 Star 

    Pros: The magnet hair is next level easy. Innovative for ease in putting in and works!  Great quality hair. Color matches great! 

    Cons: Can't think of one. Price is great! 



    Secret Extensions: 3 Star 

    Pros: The headband is easy to use, adds just the right amount of volume for same length style.

    Cons: the fake hair is not great and band stretches out quickly. Not secure over time.  


    Glam Seemless (Tape): 3 Star 

    Pros: Lots of hair comes in the package, great color match, and the blondes are rooted in a match perfect way.

    Cons: The blondes matte up after 3 weeks. Poor quality

    Sally Beauty Hair extensions: 1 Star 

    Pros: Inexpensive, they have a seamless weft that is very thin , so you can't feel it. They have great colors and weft does not shed. 

    Cons: They only come in 18", so limited length options. It only has 100 grams of hair, so if you need alot you may want to buy 2 boxes. 

    Of course you Dames know all these extensions go perfectly stored and kept for longevity of hair in a HairClutch

    Hope this was helpful to you guys. Let me know if you have any questions and what your experience has been! 


    Dame Amalia

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  • 5 Celebrities You Will Be Shocked To Learn Wear Hair Extensions..

    5 Celebrities You Will Be Shocked To Learn Wear Hair Extensions..

    Dames, the cat is out of the bag.  We know, that you know, most celebs all wear hair extensions BUT some are so good you would have no idea its not all their real hair.   Here are a few you may be surprised to hear us say -YES those are extensions!  Question, have you ever wondered why they are using extra hair pieces?  Wonder no more.  Come along with us to find out the answers...

    celebrity hair extensions

    1. Jennifer Lawrence is wearing hair extensions here!? Yes, girrrl!  If you have fine hair and you want a short cut , hair extensions are everything to accent the style. They can really pull out the shape if its an A-line or fill in the sides for thickness in the front. 

    erika jayne hair extensions

    2. Erika Jayne- we all know she wears hair pieces but how is this look hair extensions? Do you see the volume on this bun? No one has a natural bun that size, that is all hair pieces baby. 
    jessica alba hair extensions
    3. Jessica Alba- yep, even a mid length crop can use a little bit of extra hair help for thickness to make your wavy style not only pop but keep that wave hold. 
    reese witherspoon hair extensions
    4. Reese Witherspoon- ok, you might think this is for length..but nope. Sometimes celebs want a blonder look but without more damage to your hair.  Hair extensions are the solution. If you look close you can see the underneath hair is darker. Lighter pieces placed at top to mimic highlights.
    JLo hair extension storage
    5. JLO- Ponytails are so in right now, and none of them look red carpet banging without a little hair extension help.
    Moral of the story Dames? Don't be afraid to use hair extensions to your advantage, and don't be afraid you will look too done up or over the top. These celebs above have shown us that hair extensions are just an accessory to make your hairstyle look better! 
    P.S. You better believe that these women take really good care of their pieces, we know because we are friends with their stylists. The #1 go to for their hair travel, storage, and styling help is HairClutch
    Check out what celebrity hairstylist Roger Medina has to say:

    To get your's use code DAME10 at checkout for a sweet discount. 


    Dame Amalia 

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  • Guide For The Active Woman: How To Protect Your Hair

    Guide For The Active Woman:  How To Protect Your Hair

    HI Dames! I understand being an active woman in today's world. Getting up that extra hour early to get your work out in before work feels great!  You also have to make sure you have enough time to get ready at the gym and get to work on time. This is where HairClutch becomes your savior. Being the prepared woman you are, you have already followed the tips that keep you ready - on the go.  In case you missed it click here for the step by step to stay prepped~> 

    For The Business Woman On the Go: The Guide to Traveling With Your Extensions

    HairClutch protects your hair extensions from being thrown in your bag and getting all tangled up. It is the best hair extension storage that keeps you ready so you don't have to get ready!  Being an active girl, doesn't mean you have to skip your beauty routine because you are in a hurry. Don't worry, we got you girl. Use DAME10 at checkout to get your HairClutch with a little love from us.  


    Dame Amalia 

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  • Mother's Day Special Promo Sale

    Mother's Day Special Promo Sale

    Hi Dames, as this weekend is so very special, we wanted to extend a special discount in the name of all mamas. Moms do everything for their kids and not enough for themselves. Even the fashionista moms and beauty maven moms still find their beauty routine or fashion accessories all over the place, becasue lets face it, its just not a priority. So, if you have a bestie or a sister thats a mom get her this cute gift to keep her hair extensions organized in a fashionable way. She will always know where her hair is when she is in a hurry to get to Dry Bar. 

    Use Code MOM25 at check out for 25% off this weekend. 


    Dame Amalia 

    Here's a fun video produced by celebrity hairstylist, Roger Medina , giving you tips and telling you why he loves it so much ...



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  • How HairClutch helps you get ready- FAST

    How HairClutch helps you get ready- FAST

    When we get ready with our girlfriends its not always a fast task. Someone always needs help styling their extensions.  "Can you hold my hair while I curl it? "Who has time for that? Reservations are in 20 min!! Dames, HairClutch cuts this time in half. While one girlfriend already has her hair styled and hanging waiting for she can be putting on her makeup while the other girlfriend is catching up. With the help of HairClutch you don't need anyone else's assistance to get your best look...and let's be honest with no fighting over the mirror! Here's besties Alex and Nas showing us how to do it and be ready for their bestie date with speed and ease. 

    get ready with your extensions

    hair extension storage

    hair extension holder

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  • Get JLo's Top 3 Go-To Hair Looks

    Get JLo's Top 3  Go-To Hair Looks

    Hi dames, I have been recently cyber stalking JLo on IG and am obsessed with her hair. I know I'm not the only one so I wanted to share with you How you can get these looks too. With a little hair, one can achieve any hairstyle of your dreams!! Check out below my quick tips to get the look. 
    jlo hair extensions
    Quick Tip: To get this look, you need 22" clip in hair extensions, or a wig. We love the Roger Medina Hair extensions for this look. 
    jlo hair extensions
    Quick Tip: Pony Tail of your dreams? Use the clip ins pieces that are smaller weft ( 2" in width) . Separate the mohawk section of your hair and layer the hair on top. Back comb the front section of your hair to cover over the hair and pull all your hair up to a high pony.curl your pony to make the hair blend. 
    jlo hair extensions
    Quick Tip: the Halo hair piece is perfect for this look. It will give you the density you need on the bottom. If you need extra hair for the top follow the pony tail steps above. 
    Of course, with all this hair, you are going to need to organize it and protect your investment! HairClutch is the only way to do that in a chic and stylish way. Hang your hair in your closet or roll it up and take it with you to Drybar. HairClutch always protects your hair. Its how all the celebrities keep their hair in great condition.  You can get yours here.
    Dame Amalia 

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  • Spring Cleaning- Organize Your Hair Extensions

    Spring Cleaning- Organize Your Hair Extensions

    Hi Dames! How many of us get lost in all our 'stuff'.  Its time to get organized! The reality is, we have organization for our makeup, we have organization for our shoes, we have organization for our handbags.. it's time to have organization for our hair.   Hair extensions stuffed in a drawer or a plastic bag is just plain ol' disrespectful! Just ask your mascara who is sitting in a comfortable home in your makeup bag. HairClutch is here to save the day. A lot of us have several hair pieces - short ones, long ones, light ones, and dark ones. You can put each one in its own home and hang them in your closet neatly. We offer 3 different styles based on the weight of your hair extensions. The OG Dame holds a 6-7 piece clip in set (think Bellami, Cashmere or even Luxy Hair) . The Signature Collection holds a halo piece perfectly and even a bang or ponytail. The Classic holds the least weight, but some of us only have a couple of pieces for extra volume. Whatever you have, we have the home for your hair. You can separate your hairstyles with different colored clutches so you always know which clutch to grab when you are on the go. Don't wait anymore- Get your HairClutch today and use DAME10 at checkout for the girl's girl discount. 


    Dame Amalia  

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  • Do The Kardashian's Wear Hair Extensions?

    Do The Kardashian's Wear Hair Extensions?

    Hell YES!!  Here is their best kept secret they will never tell.. banging Hair Extensions and the BEST hair extension storage and travel bag of course.  It is kinda obvious when they have short hair one day and hair down to the floor the next. This leads to the next question, how would you ever store all this hair?  Keeping your hair extensions organized and in one place seems like a mysterious thing to do. Not anymore!  Keeping your hair well organized and safe is very necessary- just ask the Kardashians.  We created HairClutch for all of you that own hair pieces.  The idea was to make storing and traveling with hair easy while affordable enough to organize different hair styles in several clutches. You can even hang them in your closet by style and length. Some Dames like a different color clutch for each hair set. Now getting ready is as easy as grab, place on and go!


    how the kardashians organize their hair extensions


    how the kardashians store their hair extensions

    You can store your hair like a Kardashian too , buy your HairClutch now and use promo code DAME10. 



    Dame Amalia

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  • Have No Shame in Your Hair Game

    Have No Shame in Your Hair Game

    March is Women Empowerment month and we are here to stand tall and do what we do- be a boss dame and look fab while we are doing it. Being a boss and running the show doesn't mean you have to cut time that goes into yourself, it simply means we have to be creative with time. We created HairClutch for so many reasons, but one of them was to be prepared for all the "get ready quick" occasions. If you have to go from work to a date or work to a gala, HairClutch is always there for you. You can literally style your hair extensions in your office and go from boss, to glam and be ready for the next event. There is no shame in being fabulous and being prepared at the same time. 

    Here we have young entrepreneur, Alex @dizzycordova showing us how she gets ready easily in her office to head to a fundraiser. She is a dame on the go and has no time to fight the crazy streets of Manhattan to get home before her evening begins. " Thank God for my HairClutch", says Alex. 

    hair extension storage

    hair extension storage and styler

    hair extension storage


    Dame Amalia

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