• Obsession: Ribbon Ties to Keep It Together!

    We just bought a pack of these for $8 at Sephora and we’re now we are obsessed! They also have a great set at Anthropologie for $12. These ribbons work just like a rubber band, but they look much more fashion forward in your hair – like a ribbon that you tied in… and, if you’re not so into the look of having a rubber band on your wrist like we are – these have the look of the on-trend bracelets we love when not in your hair. Like we said, obsessed!!

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  • Get the Look: Kat Dennings

    She might be the star of ‘2 Broke Girls’ but on Emmy night, Kat Dennings looked like a million bucks! Kat sent those beachy waves we wore over the summer packing and showed us how to tighten things up in a more polished look for fall.
    Here are The Hair Dame’s professional step-by-steps to get this look!
    Step 1)
    Use a 1 1/2″ barrel curling iron. We suggest using the Hot Tools  brand, which is an affordable line of curling irons that are easy to find and use.
    Step 2)
    Create the desired part in your hair.  Middle part is always chic, but its important to work with your natural waves or cowlicks and frame your face accordingly. Support your individual style!
    Step 3)
    Take 2″ sections of your hair and wrap it around the iron holding it for 30 seconds.  Make sure to spray each section of hair with L’Oreal Enet hairspray. It is the industry choice – and our favorite hairspray!
    Step 4)
    To take it a step further and create this angelic look, take 2 pieces of  your hair from the front and pull them back, pinning each side in place.
    Do one last spray all over and don’t forget your boldest lipstick to complete the look!
    Now that’s a Dame!

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  • Obsession: The Magic of Moroccan Oil


    Moroccan Oil is actually argan oil, which comes from a plant that only grows in Morocco. Argan oil has been used widely in Morocco for its natural healing properties. When the oil was introduced to the beauty industries in the United States, it quickly became popular for its benefits for hair.  Its an amazing product that we apply to the ends of our hair when wet.  Not only does it seal the cuticle giving our locks that glossy, shiny look, but it helps dry our hair 30% faster! We’re Obsessed!


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  • Bouffants Are Back, Big Time!


    … And when we say big, we mean BIG! For this fresh take on the beehive, think less Winehouse and more Moschino! The designer showed us how it’s done during his recent show at Milan Fashion Week and we are all over this look!

    Hair Dame tip: Make sure you have a Mason Pearson brush  and your trusty L’oreal Elnett hairspray. Don’t be shy about teasing up those tresses! Get your height on!

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  • Get the Looks: Our Nominees for Best Hair at the Emmy’s go to….


    We felt like the hair at the 2012 Emmy’s for the most part, fell a little flat – nobody came up with anything that really stood out to us as Dame winning worthy – however we still found some favorites and the nominees go to….

    Tweet us your winner at @thehairdame!

    Heidi Klum screamed “take that!” to the tabloids with her classically glamourour look.







    Julianne Hough was the epitome of old Hollywood glam! Ryan Seacrest is lucky to have this Dame on his arm!











    Sophia Vergara worked that mermaid look! She captured the essence of a Dame from head to tail… err um, toe.

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  • Deep conditioning treatments busting your budget? Here is an all natural, DIY keratin-safe ultra moisturizing treatment that you can make at home!


    Did you know that jojoba and coconut oil are the closest oils to our natural sebum? They get absorbed into our hair as opposed to being topical. Good to know, right? Add a touch of either oil to ½ of a mashed up avocado. You can add some coconut milk in as well to create a creamy consistency. Work the mixture into your hair, comb it through and rinse out 15-20 minutes later. Voila! Super soft, naturally quenched tresses! (That smell amazing!)

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  • Keeping it cool and still looking hot!


    Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that you have to retire those hot styles. Here is a re-cap on our fave summer ‘dos that can carry you over into fall!

    THE BUN: A savvy bun always looks chic and can be worn in several ways. For the fashion forward, a clean bun toward the front of your head has been seen on the runways and on Gwen Stefani. A low chignon as seen below on Kourtney Kardashian is more of a classic go-to. You can wear either style clean and tight or let them get a little messy. I favor buns both ways depending on the look you’re going for.

    THE BRAID: The braid comes in handy for so many reasons! Dirty hair days, bad hair days, dress it up, dress it down, go to the beach or for hangin’ in the city. And most importantly – everyone can rock a braid! Deciding what type of braid is half the fun! To the side, down the middle, over the crown of your head… Check the below pics for some of my fave crossover styles.

    WAVES: The easiest way to bring out your inner surfer chick is to braid your clean wet hair before you go to bed. In the morning, you’ll wake up ready to hit the sand. A more styled version would be to let your hair air dry and with a 1 1/2″ curling iron, take sections of your hair and wrap it around the iron. After doing this all around your head shake it out. My favorite products for this look are hair serums (Morrocan Oil or Redken Glass) used to lock in moisture and give great shine. Always finish it with a salt spray – it really gives you that beachy look. My favorite is Bumble and Bumble’s Beach Spray.

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