• Spring Into Your New Hairstyle- With Hair Extensions

    Spring Into Your New Hairstyle- With Hair Extensions

    Dames,  2018 is all about our dreams coming true and the goals we have been working toward coming full circle. Well, why does our hair have to be left out of that?!  Girl, let's get our dream hair on this year! Lets be honest, most of our dream hair includes hair extensions. I mean, you can either have a basic ponytail or a pony that says BAM! You can have a basic blowout or a blowout that says BAM! It is important to know that once you take the plunge and buy your hair extensions you need proper hair extension storage. Protect your investment. Whether you wear them every day or once a year, those babies cost you between $150-$450. Time to give them a proper home!! 

    Here's our girl Nastasia B @titzandgritz showing off how she uses her HairClutch to protect her styles. 

    hair extension holder

    hair extensions styler

    hair extensions storage and styling assistant



    Dame Amalia 

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  • Roger Medina Hair Extensions and HairClutch for the Win!

    Roger Medina Hair Extensions and HairClutch for the Win!

    Hey Dames! We are so excited to share with you a new kid on the hair extension block be none other than the famed celebrity hairstylist, Roger Medina. His hair extensions are so cool and chic. With all the cool girls in mind, Roger has curated a very relevant collection of colors in his line that speaks to the girl that wants to stand out. Being a hairstylist first  he has a first hand take on what girls want and what girls need. That being said he fell in love with our product - HairClutch. The first hair extension carrier and hair extension storage solution that gives your hair a home and it helps you style it at the same time. This being said a collaboration seemed like the best next step. So, dames, enter your email here for a chance to win a HairClutch and a set of Roger Medina Hair Extensions!!

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  • 5 Hair Extension Damaging Habits You Have and Don't Even Realize

    HI Dames!

    Are you the girl that can't wait to get her new hair extensions and put them on immediately?!  You wear them every day because you love the way you feel.

    Fast forward to a couple months later when they look like a rat's nest.  Your hair extensions are now totally dry and a tangled mess!  Is this you? 

    These are the 5 habits that are damaging your hair extensions and you may not even realize it. 

    1. You must wash your hair extensions! Wash them after 3 wears, especially if you drenched them in beach spray, texturizing spray or hairspray. These products build up and can create an acidic ph in the hair which drys it out. Let your hair air dry after washing when possible.

    2. Don't use cheap shampoos with sulfates! Good to great quality hair extensions still have a cuticle and need the same quality products that you use on your own hair.  Sulfate free/paraben free products are a must. 

    3. You must brush out your hair after you wear them before storing!  The longer knots sit in the hair the harder it is to brush them out therefore causing breakage. 

    4. Don't stuff your worn, tangled hair in a plastic bag for traveling. If it's tangled in the bag it causes more friction in the hair and again will cause more breakage when you try to brush it out. 

    5. Prep your hair extensions the same way you prep your own hair with heat protectant sprays. You use blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons on the hair, then you need the appropriate protection.  Try CHI Iron Guard its a fave!  

    Dame Amalia   

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  • For The Business Woman On the Go: The Guide to Traveling With Your Extensions


    HI Dames!

    Lets talk-  being a business woman and being a beauty junkie at the same damn time is most women's reality today.  Women taking their power doesn't mean dropping their beauty routine, it strengthens it.

    Take care of yourself, look your best, and make sure you have the necessary tools to do so. When traveling for business meetings and conferences you want to have everything organized and ready to go. You open your suit case and everything has its own home. Life is so much easier when your beauty secrets are prepped and ready- especially when it comes to your hair extensions.

    If you have early morning meetings and not much time to get ready- a little prep goes a long way. 
    Here is your go to guide to traveling with your hair extensions when you are boss babe business woman and don't have time for too much fuss.

    1. Wash and dry your extensions ahead of time 

    2. Pre- style the hair how you are going to want to wear it when you get to your destination. Tip: Using your HairClutch to hold the hair for you makes this step a million times easier. 

    3. Pack your hair extensions in your HairClutch - your favorite hair extension storage solution!

    4. When you arrive to your destination hang your HairClutch in the closet or on the back of the bathroom door and your hair will be waiting, ready to go! 

    Dame Amalia 

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  • Red Carpet Report: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


    Every year, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a gathering for all celebs, entertainers, and anyone that loves to watch  hot chicks in barely anything walk the runway to great music. However, we love it for one reason and one reason only: THE HAIR! Victoria’s Secret Hair is every girl’s dream. Their color, the length, the natural wave that screams #WokeUpLikeThis, and part of us truly believes that Adriana Lima does, in fact, wake up like that.

    This year, the lingerie show has a new head stylist in charge: Sarah Potempa. Not only is she the sweetest thing, and extremely talented, but she is an inventor and entrepreneur. She invented the Beachwaver. Its an awesome curling iron that twirls itself so you dont have to burn your arm or hand while giving yourself the perfect beach wave. So, this year, they have a different approach to all the hair. It is shiny, defined curls and waves, in a more natural length. They are building off the natural look of all the models. Some of them are still wearing hair extensions, but it’s not a long dramatic look, it’s a natural approach to hair extensions.

    You can recreate this look too! The most affordable extensions on the market today are Secret Extensions. You can add a few pieces for various look that you may desire: one piece will give you a natural look, two pieces are great if you have shorter hair and want real length and volume, three pieces will give you that over the top glamazon hair. Once you have your pieces in, use your Beachwaver to create the perfect beach wave all over your head. An easy way to make sure to get all the hair curled is to style it before you put it on. HairClutch is the perfect styling assistant. It holds the hair while you curl it. Make sure to keep the setting of heat on 300 degrees or less. You don’t need to hold the hair on the iron for too long. Once you have heated the hair in the curl shape let the hair go out of the iron and hold it in your hand in the curl shape to cool. Once it cools down you can let it go. These curls last and don’t need an abundance of hair product. Below, our Dame, Katie Welch is wearing three pieces of secret extensions (two lightest golden blonde and one medium golden blonde for a lowlight).

    katie welch singer secret extensions

    For more info, CLICK LINK below


    You can also check out our interview we did with Sarah Potempa last year. We’ve been watching her for a while, she’s a DAME!

    Post pics of your victoria secret hair on Instagram and tag us @thehairdame . We will repost our favs!



    The Dames

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  • Box Braids – Style Them Like a Dame

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  • The Wet Look, Your Best Go-To for the Summer

    Dames, there are so many reasons I love the “wet look” for summer. Here’s a few top reasons it’s my go-to look that everyone envies achieving.

    1. It’s a great beach/pool party look that makes as if you went into the water, but like, who does that?
    2. You have 5 min to get ready after the shower to head to a party and you don’t want a wet bun.
    3. You’re on vacation and you don’t want to use hot tools.

    If those aren’t enough reasons for you to master this look, then you’re just not that into it BUT if you are here’s how you do it.

    1. Make sure your hair is wet at the root, even just a little damp, you want to saturate your root with product and then evenly distribute through your ends.
    2. If you don’t have the 1 perfect product to do the trick, always mix a gel, a styling cream, and a tiny bit of oil (coconut oil is amazing if you like the smell).
    3. Use your towel gloves and scrunch out as much water as you can.


    Below are a few of my favorite options:

    Organics Colour Systems “Control Shape”

    Industry Insider Secret – Every celeb stylist that knows whats up uses this combo for THE perfect wet look. Every A-lister has had this product combo on their head.

    This is my personal favorite combo- IGK Coconut Oil Gel mixed with Catwalk Sessions wet look Gel


    Here’s my video showing you how to do it the straight version way- so great for a formal look..

    Hope this helps with which products to use and how to do it! Let me know how it goes and ask me any questions. @thehairdame


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame


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  • Wave Spray or Sea Spray: Which Is Best for Me?

    Dames,  there are 2 kinds of wave sprays in this world.  Ones that have salt, and well, ones that don’t. On the wave spray shelf there’s so many to chose from how do you chose which is best for you? Lets start with how you want to see your wave. If you have fine hair, I think we can agree you don’t want your hair looking greasy and shiny. If you want a fresh out of the ocean, air dried wave look thats a little crunchy in the perfect way you want a salt spray.  They call it sea spray with some brands. If you have thicker textured hair and want shiny wetter wave looks choose one without salt.  Usually called wave spray and may have oil as marketed ingredient.

    “wave “spray is shiny and has sheen and oil in ingredients

    “sea’ spray has salt and is good for piecey beach look.


    Hope this helped you determine which to use for different looks. Let me know any questions you have! @thehairdame



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • The Dyson Blow Dryer: Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

    Dames,  Dyson has been the epic inventor of vacuum’s, fans, and NOW blow dryers!  Retailing at only $449.00 I wondered who the heck was going to buy this? Well, over the last months I have been surprised by the range of people that have purchased this blow dryer and spoke to me about it.  I had to try it myself.  The jury is out ya’ll.  It really is the bomb. Jen Atkin, celebrity stylist, is the professional face of the product. She periodically drops in live on IG talking about the product. I like to listen to the techy info on the product. This blowdryer pushes moisture into the hair shaft instead of burning it off. It dries the hair way faster, cut my blow dry time in half, and left the hair incredibly shiny without a fancy brush. In fact, I barely even needed a brush. The truth is, its a great blow dryer!  If you can afford the splurge, you will have it for the rest of your life. You can currently buy the Dyson blow dryer at Sephora for $399 in a special set.

    Make sure to take advantage of the 2 nozzles it comes with for diffusing and sleek blow outs.

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  • 5 Trendy Styles to Wear by the Water

    The beach life is the best life. If you don’t live on the beach, I bet you go to the beach on the weekends or hang by a lake, river or pool. Lets face it, any water does the trick in the summer. Here’s a few fun trendy summer hairstyles you can take from day to night with a fun twist.





    Let me know your favorite and I’ll make a how to video for you!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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