Hair Extension Problems, Solved.

HairClutch by DAME is the only patented hair extension storage and travel bag.
Revolutionizing the way you carry and store your hair.

HairClutch provides a safe home for your hairpieces! NO more mess. NO more plastic bags.
Extend the life of your hair extensions and save hundreds of dollars in damaged hair!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much hair does HairClutch hold?

Each style holds a different amount. OG Dame styles holds up to 340 grams of hair, Signature styles hold up to 250 grams, and Classic styles hold up to 140 grams of hair.

What do I do if I have more hair than my HairClutch style holds?

Have more than one! One of the key features and benefits of HairClutch is the storage ability to hang in your closet. You can have several hanging stacked together, organizing by style, hair piece and color is what our customers find the best way of keeping all their hair organized and protected.

How does it hold my hairpieces?

Our patented technology of the magnetic clip grip system hold the hair securely into place.

What is the best way to style my hair while in HairClutch?

Styling with any brush or hot tool works best when you hang one hair set at a time and style them individually while hanging. While HairClutch can hold several pieces at a time, think of it like styling your own hair, you work on section by section - same for hair extensions. You can wrap the protective cover around the back of the clutch to secure out of the way for easy styling!

Will HairClutch crease my hairpieces?

HairClutch does not create a crease or cold press to hair when properly stored. If you store the hair when it at its normal temperature. Note, after styling let hair cool while hanging before rolling up for storage or travel.

Hear What Other Dames Have To Say

"Oh hello cute and organized HairClutch! What a fantastic way to keep and store all my hair."

Priscilla Valles, Celebrity Hair Extension Specialist (@priscillavalles)

Since I have been using HairClutch, not once have I had my extensions damaged or tangled and I'm always ready to make an appearance."

Angela Martini, Supermodel (@angela_martini)

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